Wood cutting and sawing machines

for professional and hobby use

WD_Tech is a division of BaggioGroup that deals with design and build professional and hobby products for cutting and sawing of wood. Involved for over 35 years in sheet metal processing, and having had direct experience in this area, we thought we’d bring our know-how woodworking products; we built a series of machines with policies that gave priority to mostly strength, durability, safety, aesthetics and design, basic elements for the structuring of our project, which allowed us to create a range of high quality products.
Our machines are designed, planned and built entirely in Italy, we assemble National and German components, guaranteeing a high quality product which allows us to offer a warranty of 5 years on the whole structure and 2 years on components.

Our Products

News of WDTech

Three new models of machines

We are pleased to introduction You three new models of machines, two dedicated to the world of building structures and one for the agricultural world forwarding, structured according to our tradition, completely Made in Italy and with National and German components.... read more